3 Ways Under $100 to Reduce Your Heating Bill in Houston

It’s time to bust out the turtlenecks and scarves; temperatures are dropping more and more every day in Houston. While some people might be relieved to get a break from the Houston heat, others are not too thrilled to be paying heating bills. You were paying up the wazoo to keep your home cool and once you switch over to heat you can expect to see bills just as high. But, don’t worry; there are a few things that you can do to help lower your heating bill without completely remodeling your home and breaking the bank. Follow these three easy and affordable tips and you could be pleasantly surprised when your heating bill arrives.

Check for air leaks. Many people don’t realize that controlled temperature air can easily escape through tiny cracks in your home. As the air you have paid for escapes, you are having to pay to keep the rest of your home at the temperature you want. Resealing your windows with caulk is a great way to seal up those leaks, it’s easy and it’s cheap. Another affordable way to keep leaks sealed up is to make sure the bottoms of your doors aren’t letting warm air out. There are several items available for under $50 that you can place at the bottom of your door to keep the heat in and the cold out.

Invest in a programmable thermostat. People often don’t consider this idea as a reasonable way to lower your heating bill but programmable thermostats can be affordable. They range in price from $30 to $100 but really come in handy and are completely worth it. You can program your thermostat so that your home is warm when you get back after a long day of work. The good news is that your heater wasn’t on all day running up your monthly bill.
Make sure your windows are ready for winter. This one is easy to forget about but if you live in a place like Houston where you have extremely warm summers and cool winters, this one is important. Make sure that you have thick curtains on all of your windows. This can help keep heat in during the winter. It’s also a good idea to keep your curtains open during the day so that sunlight can come in and naturally warm up your home. Then at night, make sure they are closed to keep all of the warmth inside your home.

In addition to these suggestions you can also do things like lower the temperature on your thermostat and your water heater. You won’t notice a difference in five degrees but it could save you 5-10% on your monthly heating bill. Also, make it a habit to wear socks around the house. This will help keep you warm and not feel the need to blast your heater as often. We promise that if you follow at least one of these tips your heating bill won’t hurt quite as much as it used to.

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