Mortgage Default Rate in Texas

The rates of mortgage defaults in the U.S. and in states like Texas signal the current state of the economy. The mortgage industry took a serious hit with the 2008 crisis that left many without homes and impacted unemployment rates and other economic indicators. Monitoring mortgage default rates in Texas helps to predict future growth […]

Housing Inventory in Houston

Is Low Housing Inventory Driving Up Houston Real Estate Prices? There aren’t enough homes for sale in Houston to satisfy the demand of home shoppers, according to new housing inventory data. The shortage of real estate inventory could severely impact home sales. What does the lack of housing inventory mean for the price of your […]

How Gentrification is Affecting Housing Prices in Houston

Gentrification in Houston

When a formerly depressed neighborhood suddenly becomes hot, the rapid growth can transform an area almost overnight. But it can also bring expensive growing pains. Is gentrification making Houston unaffordable? Gentrification can happen quickly. As higher-income buyers move into a growing neighborhood, the cost of living goes up. Rents typically escalate, forcing poor and working-class […]