Booming Houston Job Market

As far as come backs go, our economy still has a long road ahead. Slowly but surely, however, most indicators are pointing towards a positive direction. Of course, not every section of the country is equally as healthy as each other, and some regions are hurting much more than others. The good news for Houston residents is that the city area is one of the strongest economic zones in the country.

In fact, Houston has consistently ranked in the top five for job growth and unemployment in general by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, and more often than not the top 3 for the last several years. Overall, Dallas professionals should find a steady, improving economy and labor market, a conclusion that employment site agrees with.

The job markets with the greatest demand include high skilled IT positions, insurance, healthcare, transportation services, and banking. In fact, most categories are trending upwards; there are a few areas that have seen negative growth from last winter in their retail sales, which is an important piece of the economy for any city. In the immediate future, however, the forecast is predicting moderate growth.

The majority of job seekers are in the midlevel area of employment, followed closely by those at the manager level. Surprisingly  the entry level is the level with the lower employment seekers, making Houston a promising place to seek work for those freshly out of college, training, or the military. However, it seems that increasing a college level education is more a requirement now than ever, with fully 40% of applicants hold at least a bachelor’s degree, and of the remaining seekers holding at minimum an associate degree or some college.

According to Monster dot com, these are the five top reasons applicants in the area aer searching for work:

  1. Laid Off (27%)
  2. Better Salary (19%)
  3. Limited or no Potential Upward Mobility (17%)
  4. Re-entering Workforce (16%)
  5. Seeking a career change (13%)

Factors less likely to drive candidates to look for a job were “relationship with a peer or manager,” “healthcare benefits are not as desired,” and “graduating from school.”

Long story short, it’s a promising time at all levels to dip into the job market in Houston. Overall the area was hit much less severally due to a strong local economy overall, and several Fortune 500 companies that have weathered the story rather stoutly.

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