New Business Profile: Smart Office Energy Solutions

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Houston is all about energy. It makes sense that people would start companies in and catering to the energy sector. But these businesses are usually more concerned with how to extract, process, and deliver fossil fuels than they are with burning them more efficiently.

Fortunately for us, there are small companies in Houston who recognize the need to use our energy resources more efficiently. Smart Office Energy Solutions is one of those companies.

Houston small companies and start ups

The most visible of Houston businesses aren’t start-ups. They’re multi-national corporations with various headquarters all over the world. When people think of Houston, they think of Exxon-Mobil, BP, and Shell. The first thing that comes to mind isn’t a tiny start-up trying to make office spaces more energy efficient.

Profits and losses

Recognizing one of the costliest things about running an office is the energy bill (including heating and electrical), Smart Office Energy Solutions is trying to make running an office cheaper for small business owners everywhere, starting in Houston. They incorporate technology into their suite of products in new ways that are designed to reduce the user’s energy bills. You can read more about exactly how it works by clicking here.

Smarter energy use

Smart Office Energy Solution’s products are software and hardware based, including something they call a wireless mesh gateway that enables a secure connection between office devices and SOES’s servers. From there, everywhere electricity goes in and comes out is monitored by SOES using “smart” meters, “smart” sockets, and desktop and mobile apps.

Beta product

Smart Office Energy Solutions introduced their “beta” product in 2009, which required absolutely no modifications to your office building. The “magic” happens in the meters, outlets, and monitoring. Since then, they’ve installed 21,000 Kw of prototype product in offices in and around Houston. Their installations have saved their customers 25% or more on their energy costs.

Full launch

A full launch is expected soon, hopefully in 2014. We don’t see Houston slowing down anytime soon when it comes to the business of running businesses. Houston consistently makes top-10 lists for best city, best business friendly city, most entrepreneurial city, and others. People like it here. People like starting business here. For that reason alone, we think Smart OES will thrive once they get a fully-functioning, commercially viable iteration of their product on the market.

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