What are the Best Greenspaces and Parks in Houston?

When you live in a bustling metropolitan area like Houston, you might be hard pressed to find some ways to enjoy the great outdoors. For those of you bike enthusiasts, there’s no need to worry. Houston has plenty of great biking trails located all around the city; you just need to know where to find them. These are some of the best options to get some exercise and enjoy the sites of Houston.

One of Houston’s best parks is Terry Hershey Park. Located here is one of the best biking trails throughout the city, the Anthills. The Park and trail are conveniently located and this is a perfect trail for beginners. There aren’t too many tough terrains. You will get a great view of the area and the few dips in the road just add enjoyment and not difficulty. The only downside to this trail is if you are going out riding when it’s raining or has recently rained, it can get a little muddy. Another great trail that connects to the Anthills is the bike trail at George Bush Park. This trail is also great for beginners and is only about 2 miles.

If you are more of an advanced rider and are looking for a challenge, Cullen Park could be the best trail for you. It is a little longer at 3.5 miles. This trail offers some unique sites as it is located by one of Houston’s historic cemeteries. This trail will also take you by West Houston Airport.

For those bikers who are looking for a longer adventure, the 20-mile route at Buffalo Bayou might be what you have been searching for. You get a gorgeous view of Houston’s natural beauty as well as a view of Houston’s downtown area. One downside to this trail is that it tends to be very popular. If you like to avoid crowds, you might want to plan accordingly and either go earlier in the day or later in the evening, you’ll also beat the heat!

If you have a group of bikers who are all at different difficulty levels then you might want to check out the trails at Memorial Park. There are different bike trails here that offer an easy, intermediate and advanced route. The routes are color coded on maps at the park to make it easy to determine which route is right for you. Advanced riders love taking advantage of the green triangle trail.

The Houston Arboretum and Nature Center Outer Loop Trail is a great place for bikers to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for while. This loop is 2 miles long and is enjoyed by bikers of all skill levels. Mountain bikers particularly enjoy the makeup of this course. You will be sharing the trails with some hikers but it doesn’t tend to get overcrowded.

No matter where you live in Houston, your serene nature escape isn’t too far out of reach. If you are heading out on your bike, the first thing you should do is determine your skill level or what type of challenge you are up for. After that, you have plenty of bike trail options to enjoy the summer weather.

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