Houston is #1 Relocation Destination

Houston, Texas has a lot to offer residents with its big city feel and abundant choice of suburban destinations. It is also in a location that provides several weekend getaways easily within driving distance. Apparently, it isn’t just residents that love living here, outsiders want to move in. According to U-Haul, Houston has become the number one relocation destination in the United States.

One main reason that so many Americans are choosing to relocate to Houston is their job growth. The Texas Workforce Commission reported that Houston has added more than 85,000 jobs in the last year. That’s more than many U.S. metropolitan areas including the nearby Dallas-Fort Worth area. Although the entire United States is seeing some job growth, Houston’s rate is incredibly high for their population size. Much of the job growth can be attributed to Houston being a center for energy and industry. Oil and gas are responsible for 50% of jobs in the area. Since there are already so many energy companies based in Houston, this makes it even more attractive for other companies to move there. Houston has also received some recognition from Forbes as being a top destination for business and careers.

Another thing that attracts residents to Houston is the cost of living there. The national cost of living index is 100 and Houston comes in at 88.1. The average price of a home in Houston has always been affordable but their housing market is also being affected by the housing inventory shortage that the rest of the country is seeing. When there is a shortage of houses available for sale, the price is usually driven up by multiple people bidding for the same house. Houston is no exception to this and their current average for a single-family home is $254,000 which is an all time high for them.

Houston is also a desirable destination thanks to its continually growing cultural activities. Houston was already home to an impressive museum district and it keeps expanding. The Houston Museum of Natural Science recently opened a 30,000-square-foot hall of paleontology. The city’s dining scene also continues to grow and offers a wide variety of meals and scenes inspired from cultures all around the world.

In addition to a booming economy, affordable cost of living and an expanding cultural center, you can also head to Texas if you want to experience some southern charm and hospitality. It’s also a great place for people who prefer to be warm. The weather in Houston is categorized as humid subtropical and can provide many warm days throughout the year. If any of this sounds good to you, you just might find that you love calling Houston home.

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