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Looking for a profitable new investment venture in Colorado? Look no further. HomeVestors® of America franchises are known throughout the country for buying distressed properties, fixing them up and selling them to happy new homeowners.

We Buy Ugly Houses is a Real Estate Investor franchise, whose franchise owners are experienced investors who can buy your house for cash. Selling a home to We Buy Ugly Houses Houston is different from a traditional real estate experience in many ways.

Typical real estate transactions typically involve many people often including a buyers Agent, sellers Agent and their respective Brokers. Their services typically come with a commission on the total sales price of your home that generally starts at about 6%. Ideally, Real Estate Agents will take the time to market your property and help you find buyers then negotiate the best price for your home. Their incentives, however, don’t necessarily align with home owners who are trying to get the best price.

Real Estate Agents have the most incentive to sell your home quickly and may be more likely to encourage you to accept an offer on your home too quickly and thereby missing on potential higher offers.

We Buy Ugly Houses Houston Can Buy Your Home For Cash

As Real Estate Investors, We Buy Ugly Houses Houston can buy your home without many of the hassles of a traditional real estate transaction. Homes are purchased with cash with no closing costs. This means you get to avoid the potential need to come to the closing with cash. There are also no Real Estate commissions or fees to be paid, and no need for a Real Estate Agent to take their cut. The process is also very fast, in most cases we can buy your home in 30 days or less.

We’ll offer a fair price for your home and  you don’t need to worry or pay for any repair work. We don’t really buy “ugly houses.” We buy ugly situations. If you have inherited property in our area and live out of state, are moving into a nursing home or assisted living, or are even relocated due to your military service and need to sell fast, we are here for you.

If you’d like to receive an offer on your house please call us today at , there is no obligation.

Are you interested in becoming a real estate investor?

If you are experienced in the business of buying investment properties in Houston or if you are looking for your first fixer-upper home, HomeVestors® should be the first company you call. Our company is the one behind the “We Buy Ugly Houses® ” ads and we buy many houses. Once we buy them we repair and renovate most of them up to today’s standards.
Real estate investors work with us in several ways. We have houses that are move-in ready and primed for your rental tenants and we have fixer-upper homes that you can repair yourself. However you like to buy your investment properties, you should talk to our local Houston franchisee first.

Fixer-Upper Investment Properties in Houston

We are known for buying older homes that need updates that their owners don’t want to do or are unable to do. In fact, we buy so many houses at great prices that we are willing to sell them to people who are looking for fixer-upper homes to renovate themselves.
The search for investment properties at prices that make them good candidates for renovation can be very time consuming. When you work with your local Houston franchisee, we have already done the work for you. Our people are trained to evaluate fixer-upper homes and buy them below market value at prices that will allow room for renovations to take place. Time is money and when you come to us you can be working on your new investment properties in no time.

Ready to Rent Investment Properties in Houston

If you are like many real estate investors you need to buy houses at a good price but don’t have time to do the repairs yourself. That’s where HomeVestors comes in. All we do is buy and sell older fixer-upper homes that need some TLC to be transformed in to beautiful houses. Each of our franchisees has completed our training program that teaches them to buy houses below retail value and use qualified contractors to renovate them to suit today’s taste. All this means that we can sell you affordable rental properties at great prices. Your tenants will love them!