Talking About Houston Non-Profits: Tech For All

The broad reach of tech in 2014…

In 2014, technology’s reach extends far beyond marketing and running a business. Until you know how to use it, technology has a way of making mundane things more complicated. There are plenty of seemingly mundane things you need a computer for today. Being proficient with technology is vital for everything from

The necessity of computing

The fact is you need a computer – or a smartphone – for everything you used to need a normal phone for. Even if you have a smart phone, have you ever tried to write and format a resume on it? It’s pretty rough, which is just one reason it’s important to know how to use a computer.

Our business quite literally depends on people with technology skills. Everything from our marketing to the programs we use to value houses depends on people who know how to use technology.
Technology isn’t just important to us. It’s a vital part of our business. That’s why we were excited to find out about Tech For All, a Houston based non-profit who has made empowering communities through technology its #1 mission.

Tech For All offers training

If you’ve ever shopped around for technology training, you know the for-profit companies who offer it charge an arm and a leg (and your first born) to spend time training your group. Depending on your group’s situation and need, Tech For All will be able to craft a training program that works for you – at a cost that’s appropriate to your group’s mission.

Other offerings from Tech For All include basic Internet classes designed to teach new users the basics of using the Internet. They also offer college prep courses for high school students and recent graduates. Because using technology is a vital part of finding and securing a job, they also offer technology-driven employment and job search classes. They offer classes for office and multimedia skills, too. And a variety of certified training programs for people and groups who need more rigorous courses.

Imagine a world where everyone knows tech…

That’s the world Houston’s Tech For All is trying to build. It goes way beyond a world where the aging man in the sitcom isn’t befuddled by the presence of a laptop computer on his coffee table.
Imagine being able to connect with long lost relatives using technology, just like the actors in the slick Apple commercials. We have the technology. What we don’t have is the universal technological literacy to make it possible for everyone.

Tech For All isn’t going to change the world all by themselves, but they’re already changing the face of the Houston communities they’re helping with technology. If you, your group, or someone you know needs help with technology in Houston, get in touch with the folks over at Tech For All.

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