You Know You’re From Houston When

We promise this is going to be much less painful than listening to redneck qualifiers. There are just some things that are special to you and your hometown. Houston has many characteristics that only Houstonites can relate to. We looked at some of the most unique ones and made a best of the best list.

You accidently stumble upon a part of the city with street signs in a foreign language and you know you can get great deals on fake designer items. Nobody likes to admit that they purchase knock offs but it happens or else the market wouldn’t be surviving. Any Houston fashionista knows that the best place to shop for fake designer anything is Harwin Street. It’s only five miles away from the Galleria mall so if you end up running out of luck when looking for the fake stuff, a source for the real stuff is a short drive away.

Ya’ll is a word, right ya’ll? This one isn’t specific to Houston, the whole state of Texas can take credit for it. Or, better yet, the entire south portion of the United States. Somewhere along the line this phrase caught on and it looks like there’s no end in sight for referring to more than a single person.

You head out on a road trip and an hour and a half later you are still in Houston city limits. One of the best things about Houston is its size and large population. One of the worst things about Houston is its size and large population. Yes, the big city makes for a lot of diversity and no shortage of things to do. However, with all of those people living in one city, you’re bound to run out of room and in to traffic jams. Here’s a good rule of thumb when you’re traveling around Houston; however long you think it will take you to get somewhere, double it. Or even triple it if you are brave enough to face the Houston roads during rush hour.

If humidity is less than 90 percent, it’s quite pleasant outside. For those people who choose to reside in Houston, humidity is just a way of life. It is part of the Houston experience and even in those hot summer months, people have found a way to deal with it. So when the rare occurrence of a low humidity rate happens, you embrace it and rock your favorite hairstyles.

You can name more restaurants than people you know. Remember a few paragraphs ago when we were complaining about how crowded Houston is? Well it turns out that massive population helps contribute to awesome things like a long list of delicious restaurants that never fail to impress. If the average person ate dinner at a different restaurant every night, they wouldn’t be able to eat in all Houston restaurants in their lifetime. Ok, we made that fact up but it seems like it could be reality, right?

Cold is anything under 50 degrees and anywhere near a 20% chance of snow usually means a day off. Many Houston residents think it’s normal to wear flip-flops all year long and they have good reason to think so. The average high for a year in Houston is 94 and the average low is 53. What’s winter? More importantly, what is snow? The city just doesn’t know how to prepare for it so if the weather man says it might happen, it’s best to just shut ‘er down to be safe.

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